NGA COVID-19 - Moving Forward

June  - 2021

Due the ongoing presence of COVID-19  here in Georgia the focus of North Georgia Promotions for the immediate future is twofold:

1.   To do our part to protect the safety and health of our Clients, our Employees, as well as our Community by doing our best to keep up with and follow all Federal, State and Local guidelines as they become available.

     2. To maintain vital operational activities to meet our clients’ needs.

To achieve these goals:

- We are OPEN and accepting orders

-Our showroom is open by APPOINTMENT ONLY, Please give us a call at 770-710-0467 to schedule a time to come in or click here to schedule a time.

- We are continuing to communicate best practices for hygiene as set forth by the CDC to our employees

-  We are asking any employees with symptoms, or suspected exposure, to remain at home for the appropriate time period.


-  We are requiring all persons (Including our employees) entering the facility to:  Have temperature taken, Practice Social Distancing, cover cough and sneeze as well as wash hands often.

    (any person whose temperature is raised or who does not follow these precautions may be refused entry or asked to leave)


Our goal is to keep the community and our staff as safe as possible.


Please contact us if you have any questions at 770-710-0467


Thank you,


Shawn and Laura LaFave, Owners

North Georgia Promotions



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